Inspiration for the Nation this week:

Sunday Morning 9AM ET @Power620 and the IHeartRadio app. Tune in for Inspiration for the Nation. Has Syracuse delivered on Police Reform? Yusuf Abdul-Qadir former NYCLU Director has an update? Let’s Go Mets. Syracuse Mets GM Jason Smorol wants to see you at the ballpark plus be my Guest. Entrepreneur Sharron Pearson celebrates five years in business at the Guest House. Are you ready to deal? Oneida Nation Enterprise Director of Talent Acquisition Kathy Dahlke put her cards on the table for you, Plus of course your money with Vicki Brackens. Tune in 9AM-11AM ET @Power620

Yusuf Abdul-Qadir; Sharron Pearson; Vicki Brackens; Jason Smorol; Kathy Dahlke

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