This Week on George Kilpatrick Inspiration for the Nation 9-25-22

This week on George Kilpatrick Inspiration for the Nation.

They are back!! Power 620 reunion with Butch Charles; Kenny Dees; Cora Thomas; and Dr. Rick Wright Sunday morning 9:00AM ET on to 11 AM ET on Power620 also on the program National Family Engagement with Byron Garrett; Building Men with Joe Horan and Legacy building Tom Griffith INSPIRATION FOR THE NATION Sunday morning at 9AM ET Power620 and iHeartRadio app

George Kilpatrick Inspiration for the Nation 9-18-22

Today on Inspiration for the Nation OCC President Dr. Warren Hilton; State Senator John Mannion; Author Michelle McKinney Hammond; 100 Black Men J.B. McCampbell 9:00AM ET-11:00AM ET on Power620 and the IHeartRadio app

This Week on Inspiration for the Nation 9-4-22

Now on Power620 9AM-11AM ET

Today on Inspiration for the Nation

Tune in Live 9AM-11AM ET Power620 for discussion of the “Dream Summit” and Chol Majok candidate for Congress

Sunday 8-7-22 George Kilpatrick Inspiration for the Nation

Sunday July 31 Inspiration for the Nation

Sunday Morning at 9:00AM ET Finally! Cece Peniston stops by for an exclusive conversation for her upcoming 8/6 concert in the Cuse; Mr. Roberts wants to go to Washington; knocking out Parkinson’s disease; and my brothers keepers fellows ask men the community what it means to be a dad with an esteemed panel. Tune in 9:00AM-11:00AM ET Power620 and on the IHeartRadio radio app.

Sunday 7-24-22 Inspirationforthenation

Today on Inspiration for the Nation 7-17-22

Sunday 7-17-2 9:00AM -11:00AM Power620

Dreamer Glen; Fulfilling God’s calling; Dr. Ademalo Adewale what men must do for health and wellness; Dr. Lawrence Jackson; what to do when you are not okay and the IHeartRadio app

Today 7-3-22 Inspiration for the Nation

Today on Inspiration for the Nation Dennis Kimbro Success “Secrets of Black Millionaires”; We continue liberation thinking series with Nigel Henry; Two years of Black Equity and Excellence with Darrell Buckingham; Walt Dixie lays down a leadership challenge; Vicki Brackens and your friendly neighborhood financial advisor; and Alise Baker is praying for the city of Syracuse live at 9:00AM ET Power620 and the IHeartRadio app.
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