Kwanzaa Day 2 Kujichagulia/Self-Determination

To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves. To define and name ourselves boldly proclaiming who we are. Let your light shine. We light a red candle farthest away from the center black candle. We are living the seven principles with author and Griot Jackie Grace.

Kwanzaa Day 1: Umoja/Unity-Living the Seven Principles

Umoja (oo-MO-jah) Unity stresses the importance of togetherness for the family and the community, which is reflected in the African saying, “I am We, or “I am because We are”. Living the seven Principles with Me’Shae Brooks Rolling Executive Director of the Upstate Minority Economic Alliance.

Inspiration for the Nation 12-26-2021

Join George Kilpatrick Sunday morning at 9:00AM ET on the IHeartRadio app and Power620. Syracuse mayor Ben Walsh checks in; plus we kick off the Kwanzaa celebration by living the seven principles with Carrie Mae Weems; Evelyn Ingram; Angela Douglas and Davine Bey and we meet Turning Stone Casino sous chef Yolanda Lee. Happy Holidays from George Kilpatrick Inspiration for the Nation.

Today 12-19- Inspiration for the Nation

Inspiration for the Nation 12-12-2021

This Week George Kilpatrick Inspiration for the Nation we celebrate a historical milestone with Syracuse’s own Felisha Legette-Jack; Money Moves with Vicki Brackens; Dr. Joseph Akins III “Black Lives White Lies” The Need for White Christians to Fight Racism in America;” America’s Toughest Principal Dr. Marco Clark; and Spreading gospel music with Dr. Joan Hillsman and a very special remembrance. Sunday morning 12/12 9:00AM ET POWER 620 AND IHEARTRADIO app.

Today 12/5 Inspiration for the Nation

Tune in now Power620 Paging Dr. Gupta with the latest on COVID19; Ralph Singh with a powerful lesson on forgiveness; Meet Mr. November; and lessons in fatherhood with Seneca Wilson now until 11:00AM ET Inspiration for the Nation George Kilpatrick

Monday Motivaton: What is your vision?

Inspiration for the Nation 11-28-2-1

Join me George Kilpatrick Sunday morning 11/28 at 9:00AM ET for Inspiration for the Nation at it’s best! Guests: Oneida Nation CEO Ray Halbritter; America’s Money Maven Vicki Brackens; Sankofa Reproductive Health and Wellness; Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition host Dr. Ish Major; Dr. Eddie Glaude; Former International Civil Rights Center and Museum Exec Director Lacy Ward Jr. Listen on Power620 and IHeartRadio 9:00AM-11:00AMET

Inspiration for the Nation 11-21-21 Tune in!

Entrepreneurship, Money and history tune in Power620 and -Today IHeartRadio app 9:00AM-11:00AM ET.

George Kilpatrick and Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner

Syracuse police chief Kenton Buckner addresses community concerns about crime, police reform, recruitment and police community relations.

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