About George Kilpatrick

Throughout his work as a producer, host, creator and writer in the fields of radio, television, and documentary film-making, his mission has remained consistent – to uplift his listeners/viewers and inspire them to achieve their own measure of success.

Kilpatrick’s intent is to boost those who are looking to mirror their own lives, but rarely see the media reflect back images of success in the African-American community. And his actions play out that intent as he continues to expand his influence through ongoing television, radio, and film projects. 

George talks to the best and the brightest minds in the country about the issues that are forward thinking and uplifting. He believes in his soul that a site whose emphasis is showing people of color positive examples from within their heritage that they can be inspired to achieve the same through their own measure of hard work and perseverance. 

He has received recognition for his specials tackling HIV/AIDS, and racism, and domestic violence among others.   For the past decade he served as lead anchor for  PBS affiliate WCNY TV, and continues various radio and web-based projects as a progressive talk show host, and on the web as the host of teen talk on Blog talk radio.  A proud member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., he is married, and a devoted father of four.

3 thoughts on “About George Kilpatrick

  1. I caught a brief excerpt from yesterday’s show, and you all touched on the hardships of our City keeping streets clear, especially in “OUR” community.

    I’d like to speak with you, or someone on your panel to discuss some opportunities to provide a plan the can maintain these urban streets.

    I’ve included my company website, I can be reached through the contact us link, I’ve also included my personal email, where I can be reached at anytime.

  2. Hello Mr. Kilpatrick. I have a new book out. Black Lives, White Lies; The Need for White Christians to Fight Racism in America. I would love to share a copy and possibly speak to you about an interview. You can also find an excerpt on Amazon. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

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