George Kilpatrick receives PEACE Inc. Lifetime Achievment Award


Thank you for the hugs, prayers and well wishes. You absolutely made receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from PEACE, Inc. during the Champions of Diversity celebration dinner in Syracuse, NY very special. I continue to be overjoyed and humbled. My thanks, to PEACE Inc. Executive Director Joe O’Hara, and the c0-chairs Adrian and Andrea Autry, and Gary and Nancy Gait.  Congrats also to Haylor, Freyer and Coon, Rasheada Caldwell, and Rick Shafer you all were fabulous and champions in my view.  I was especially humbled by the powerful and heartfelt introduction by New York State Senator David Valesky. Wow. It made the night extra special. We live in a great community and I know the best is yet to come. ‪ It was a milestone evening for me and my family. I love them so much,and truly appreciate the sacrifices they make sharing me with you. My family provides the fuel that helps me tell great stories and highlight the good on through my tv and radio programs, and keynote speeches.  Finally,  I stopped by Power Perspectives to share my thoughts about the award with Pastor Daren Jaime.

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