George Kilpatrick, Inspiration for the Nation

IMG00147Dynamic / Passionate / Powerful Audience Engagement is the hallmark of Inspiration for the Nation, a multimedia show that spans both new media and traditional media platforms. The flagship of the Inspiration for the Nation brand is the syndicated broadcast radio program of the same name which airs weekly in diverse metro markets. Inspiration for the Nation’s positive stories celebrating hope, achievement and success redirects the conversation, focusing on the grand possibilities of life. By highlighting the best and the brightest in our community, we guide listeners to the realization that the sky is not the limit, merely another stepping stone on a higher path. By aiming farther, each of us can access a greater universe of opportunity.

Host / Creator / Producer George Kilpatrick’s Vision and Voice is an antidote to the steady stream of negativity that often infuses our culture, a counter-narrative that has made him a sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator. Listen to George Kilpatrick, New Inspiration for the Nation in your hometown below. All times EST.

WMUK 102.1 Kalamazoo MI Tuesdays 9:20 AM ET

WVAS 90.7 Montgomery AL Tuesdays 8:30 PM ET

WVSD 91.7 Itta Bena MS Wednesdays 9:30 PM ET

KCEP 88.1 Las Vegas, NV Friday 12:30PM ET

WUVS 103.7 Muskegon, MI Friday 10 AM ET

KALA 88.5 Davenport, IA Friday 9 PM ET

WVGN 107.7 St. Thomas USVI Saturday 1:30 PM ET

Power 620AM Syracuse, NY Sunday 9:00AM ET*

KPVU 91.3 Prairie View TX Sunday, 1:00PM ET

Check your local listings.
George Kilpatrick New Inspiration for the Nation 2013 ©
All rights reserved

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