George Kilpatrick Inspiration for the Nation

George Kilpatrick Inspiration for the Nation.
Dynamically, passionately, powerfully, are the ways I engage my audience with positive stories of hope, achievement and success. I focus on the grand possibilities of life to encourage my audience to realize that the sky is not the limit, and that there is a universe of opportunity. My voice is an anecdote to the steady stream of negativity that sometimes infuses our culture. As a sought after keynote speaker and facilitator, I have dedicated my life to positively influencing people through my work. This is evident in my multimedia show “New Inspiration for the Nation.” I love finding and sharing success stories from people we feel good about from all walks of life.

I travel the country helping audiences reach their potential. I coach leaders in media, through one of my signature workshops titled, “How to
Use Your Fifteen Minutes of Fame”. My belief is that if we set our sights on hope and belief for all from youth to elders we will positively impact our community.

Whether I am giving a conference keynote address, on a college campus, church, business meeting, or at a faith based institution; my goal is to help celebrate the greatness within each individual. I represent all that has been sacrificed, using each opportunity to elevate, liberate and cultivate. I tap into that hidden unspoken feeling each of us has when our aspirations and work collide to create spectacular results. I believe that each of us can soar, so I create the space where our internal engine finds the combustion to race toward our dreams. It is a product of hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment.

I love sharing the success of my heritage and the legacy of greatness. As a child of the universe, this message resonates with audiences of all ages. I believe that when we expect excellence from our youth for example they deliver, whether it is through literacy and an oratorical program I co-designed, or building sustainable leadership through a community garden.

My message and voice quenches the thirst and hunger for something better, something greater. The New Inspiration for the Nation series of conversations inspires and encourages. I bring knowledge and awareness from people who have already done it, with helpful reminders for those of who are doing it now. I bring insight from some of the greatest minds in the country. My goals are to deliver messages that give you food for thought, and motivation for action.

I celebrate and salute the people we feel good about, and create reverberations of that success for all in the room, to feel the energy of this effort. George Kilpatrick New Inspiration for the Nation is a movement of positive aspiration. Immake your event, or program the most memorable event ever. I am someone you will feel good about, to cultivate, elevate, and lift every voice. Book me for you next occasion, or show. Get it done with George; Let George do it. e-mail 315.464.0135 or e-mail Linda Or 315.440.0340

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