George Kilpatrick and Dr. Randal Pinkett Author “Black Faces in White Places”

Dr. Randal Pinkett was the first African American to win Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”. But in winning he was asked to consider sharing the title with his runner up. He had a defining moment live on national television. Of course, his response is now classic. In this candid conversation with George Kilpatrick Dr. Randal Pinkett describes what that moment felt like, how to lead where everyone wins, why he believes in giving back, and the advice he gave to Donald Trump when he considered his run for the white house. All of that and more from his book “Black Faces in White Places, Ten Game Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Greatness”.
To listen to full interview on George Kilpatrick New Inspiration for the Nation click here:

George Kilpatrick and Dr. Randal Pinkett at the "Beyond the Dream" gala

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