George Kilpatrick New Inspiration for the Nation

 George Kilpatrick New Inspiration for the Nation celebrates the positive achievements of African Americans from all walks of life, people we feel good about.  Solutions oriented media. New Inspiration celebrates the greatness and achievement that is within you.  Helping you seize the moment.  This is your check up from the neck up, your bridge over troubled water, the light at the end of the tunnel.  We know that there is a hunger and a thirst for something better, something greater.  This is the place where you will receive it.  A program that inspires and encourages, that allows you to connect with other people who have already done it and helpful reminders for those of who are doing it now.  The show represents all that has been sacrificed, those who made a way out of no way, and now forge a new way by liberating, elevating, and cultivating.   I want you to feel power and energy of this effort. We will bring you some of the country’s most inspiring conversations with take with lessons that will keep you sharp.   Here your success is not considered a fluke, but a product of hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment, and yes a little swagger too.  So share your success, your triumphs, and your victories. Holla at me and I will hollaback.  This is New Inspiration for the Nation.  Can the church say amen.



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